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Houle Effluent Equipment

Electric pumps

To agitate a reception pit and transfer liquid manure, Agi-Pompe, Diary pump

Electric pumps for dairy and piggery

3” and 4” pumps available to transfer different kinds of liquid manure.

Electromix Agitator

Available up to 5 metres long. Effective agitation distance of 6m (5.5kW motor) to 12m (30kW depending on manure consistency)

Electric pumps on pontoon

Pumps available:

- 3" and 4" high pressure

- 8" Flush pump

- 4" Horizontal Agi-Pompe

Flush Systems

Flush valves & flush equipment. Pneumatically controlled flush valves for yards and feed pads. High volume 8”flush pump capable of delivering over 10,000l/min.


Sloped screen separator. Low cost– low maintenance. High performance solids removal. Stainless steel construction. Can be incorporated with 2 roller press for high dry matter fibre.

PTO manure pumps and agitators

3-Point hitch articulated pumps– Agi-pompe & Super pump. Agitator – Large screw for faster agitation without splash and less odors.

Spreaders and tool bars

Liquid manure Spreader. Steerable EL48 spreaders with 4,6 or 8 wheels and hydraulic suspension Capacity 8,800 litres to 35,000 litres

Numedic high pressure pumps and irrigators

  • High pressure pontoon pump

  • Traveling agitator

  • Pond stirer for pontoon

Electric pumps and agitators

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