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Transforming Dairy Efficiency: Introducing the DairyRobot R9600Product Line, Blending Traditional Batch Milking Methods with Automated Technology for an Exceptional Cow Milking Experience

Why DairyRobot R9600?

1. Product positioning → The trend to batch milking is picking up speed. We have brought together our entire milking expertise to offer the best solution for the batch milking set-up.

2. Differentiator → Clear definition between voluntary milking and batch milking. Think about this from the customer perspective.

3. New application → Creation of a new milking experience (fixed milking times and different cow management, compared to voluntary milking).

Who is it for?

​​The DairyRobot R9600 is suitable for dairy farmers who wish to optimize their milking operations and have mid-size to larger herds.

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Benefits of the R9600

1. No infrastructure changes on the farm needed, which lowers the hurdle of entry into AMS.

2. No changes to feeding and farm management, making it easy for operators (employees)

3. Milking at fixed times, which is also easy for operators.

4. No night alarms, making it easy for operators.

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