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Other Equipment

Glenco Air Compressors and generators

Glenco Air & Power is an Australian market leader delivering unique, high quality and competitively priced compressed air and portable power products. Established in 1984, we have gone from strength to strength in a highly competitive and fast-moving industry.

Visit the Glenco website here.



Mobilize your milk! The MilchMobil is more than a mobile milk tank: It mixes and warms the feed, easily follows you into the barn thanks to integrated electric drive and doses out precisely the portions you desire. Lighten your workload with this clever barn assistant!


Spitwater Pressure Washers

Spitwater is the only Australian manufacturer of a complete range of high pressure water cleaners. The company’s modern, 15,000m2, manufacturing facility in Albury, Southern NSW, uses the latest, ‘State of the Art’ manufacturing technology and continues to proudly serve Australia since 1983.

Visit the Spitwater website here


Yarroweyah Engineering

Yarroweyah Engineering has been manufacturing rotary milking platforms for over 30 years. We have over two thousand seven hundred platforms working in over fifty three different countries, this equates to more than one million cows being milked twice a day on our platforms. With this experience we are sure we can offer a solidly constructed, reliable and proven rotary platform as our first platform ever made is still being used twice a day.
Our Rotary Milking Platforms revolutionised milk production around the world more than thirty years ago. Today they are synonymous for efficiency and reliability. Our platform system ensures a quiet, hassle-free and smooth milking process. Uninterrupted cow flow results in an efficient working routine with cows fed and milked in a clam and stress free environment.

No matter what size or scale your operation is we are able to custom design a solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
Along with the manufacture and installation of Rotary Milking Platforms, we also construct cow yard systems with a number of different backing gate options including Solid Backing Gates.



GEA offers a range of powerful and quiet fans in a variety of different designs to help you achieve a healthy stall climate and high yield.

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