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CowScout Heat Detection 

Health monitoring and heat detection are essential for a profitable and productive dairy herd. GEA CowScout is an easy-to-use animal health and heat detection monitoring system designed to immediately alert you when individual animals deviate from their normal behavioural patterns. When changes in activity, eating and rumination are evaluated sooner, conception rates can be improved and health challenges can be quickly addressed. GEA CowScout provides the best information to help you make timely 
and impactful decisions for your herd.

GEA CowScout Neg_ret.jpg

Below is a video of one of our great customers, the Williams family, talking about their experience with GEA CowScout 

When the Williams family switched from a conventional rotary parlor to automated milking with DairyRobot R9500, they have also discovered the great advantages of CowScout – especially the enormous time savings are a true benefit for the family farm in Australia.
By accurately measuring the cow’s activity day and night, CowScout indicates the appropriate time for insemination or alerts you when a cow is restricted in its mobility. All information is conveniently available on your smartphone or PC at any time.

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