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GEA DairyPro Q Rotary Milking Robots

Rotary Milking

GEA’s fully automated rotary milking system, DairyProQ,

provides farmers with groundbreaking ways to optimize

the workflow of milk production. DairyProQ represents

the perfect balance between people, animals, and



The system can fit a range of herd sizes

with configurations from 28-80 stalls. And, you can

reach throughput levels of 120-600 cows per hour. But,

best of all, even if you expand your herd, your personnel

requirement is minimized — only one person is needed to

oversee the milking process. It is amazing technology that

is revolutionizing automated milking.


Superior milk quality, through preventive animal health management and exceptional hygiene from teat to tank


Ideal working environment, though the use of the latest technology, focused on continuous cow monitoring and management


Productivity around the clock, through dependable and consistent system performance and functionality


A trusted relationship, through 24/7 service and support from your authorized GEA DairyProQ dealers


A profitable investment, through the reduction of labor required to milk cows while maintaining efficiency

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