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GEA Milking Systems

Automated milking systems

MIone Robot

MIone is a milking robot with MultiBox system in which parallel milking is possible from a single stall up to a maximum of five, depending on the size of the system. The well thought through barn design is individually tailored to meet your needs.

Is your farm growing? The MIone grows with it.

The modular multibox principle:

1 to 5 box installations by easily flanging together of existing modules the “milking centre”.


The concentration of all important areas to do with milking in a single location.

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pg 04 GEA MIone
pg 04 GEA Rotary
pg 04 GEA Herringbone

Rotary and Herringbone milking systems


Our AutoRotor milking parlors revolutionized milk production around the world more than 10 years ago. Since then, adjustments have been continuously made to fit your needs and they now set the standard for time saving milk production, automatic stimulation, and quiet and continuous milk flow.


Short distances, open access, and good visibility for operators. Allows you to concentrate on milking and not on time consuming. Routine work with our practical and flexible herringbone milking parlors.

pg 05 Milfos 1
pg 05 Milfos 2
pg 05 Milfos 3

View more information on the GEA website.

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