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Jarvis Herringbone Installation

We just recently completed an upgrade to Marty and Alex Jarvis’ herringbone which included dematron 70 milk meters, our new E-Therm wash system, new foldaway jetters, Christopher stall gates, a new stainless steel bum rail and tray. We are finally in the process of making his milk plant a full ID system, including individualizing his current unimatic feed hoppers.


Williams Robot Installation

The Williams Robot Installation is our most recent, Hi-Tech Robot Installation. It will include four GEA Monobox robots, (see below for more information on the Monobox technology) automated flush velves and skiold batching feed systems. Here are some photos of the progress we have made so far.

Early July



20th July


Jasper was in Holland recently, and he attended monobox training in Germany. Here are some pictures from his experience.
The GEA Monobox gives professional dairy producers the greatest advantages in automated milking, accommodating up to 70 cows per box. That frees up resources to make your daily planning and routines more flexible and effective. The Monobox’s modern, functional design, large touchscreen display, and exemplary ergonomics greatly simplify data monitoring, and its manual support features make it especially easy to handle special-need cows.
For more information about the monobox, please click onto the link below.
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